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Powell Sonare Winds
Sterling silver VQ Powell Signature cut head joint

Super clean and shiney

Gorgeous warm full tone

This flute produces a gorgeous full rich tone. It features a sterling silver Verne Q. Powell head joint, Sterling Body and B foot joint, open holes, offset G, high c facilitator key, case, and Sonare outer bag.

The tone is very warm, full and rich. This flute is easier to play, and moves easily from low to high with a lovely centered full tone. Articulation is a breeze.

This flute has no mechanical defects or past issues that would effect the quality, way it plays, feel or movement.

This flute is pre owned condition, fully dissasembled, cleaned oiled and adjusted by our technician.

The flute is very clean, pads show use a few have been replaced. We recommend changing 3-5 yearly so you never need a re pad. Overall a beautiful flute previously owned and cared for by an adult amateur musician

Only a player needed at the helm

Pre owned excellent (would be considered Mint - if not for a few cosmetic issues that do not effect tone)
Pads look near new and are the expensive gold trill key pads which will not wear out.
Overall clean, sparkling, shiney, beautiful, no rock or lateral movement in keys
Priced with the following cosmetic issues (does not effect tone) - please see photo number 8
  • Head joint underside has 3-4 marks, not through metal, does not effect tone (+$300 if you want a brand new flawless head joint)
  • Body Underside a very small tiny hard to see surface scratches - otherwise flawless
  • Foot joint small surface scratches

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