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Fully Restored

Pratten Rare Flute

PRATTEN FINGERING SYSTEM - Simple System with warm round tone

Cylindrical non tapered bore

Excellent condition

Robert Sidney Pratten born Jan 23, 1824 (death February 1868)

Pratten was a flautist and composer for his instrument. In 1852 he introduced his "Pratten's Perfected Flute". From 1857 onward, he carried out further improvements to both conical and cylindircal bore flutes. His flutes remained popular until the 20c.

2 sections
Grenadilla Wood
Sharp embouchure
German Silver
Overhauled with KID Brand treated leather pads
New Corks
Gorgeous original case with original hardware
No logo most likely made by Boosey & Hawks

This fine Pratten flute has been fully restored by a wooden instrument restoration expert

Full disassembly
Soak in organic non nut oil
New pads / corks / leather pads
Polish and re aligh mechanism
Re assemble and fine tune
Repair case