Emil Rittershausen Flute for German Market


Serial Number 2386

Non original case

Emil Rittershausen trained under Boehm & Mendler, and started his own company 1876. The majority of his flutes were exported via Carl Fischer to the US Market pre 1945.

This flute serial number places the DOM around 1920. It is pitched at A 440 Hz, or Concert Pitch.

This flute features the Split E Mechanism that Rittershausen invented in collaboration with another maker.

It also features the German wing lip embouchure

This is a very well made flute, and has a gorgeous rich robust tone from low to high. The lined head joint and embouchure style produces a very fast response/

This flute has been fully restored, including a full disassembly, soaking wood in oil, new pads, new corks and new head cork, polishing the German Silver keywork, re assemble and fine tuning

It is a fine flute for playing as well as a collectors item.

Ready for a player at the helm

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