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Beautiful restored Rittershausen flute

Circa 1920

A = 440 Hz Concert or Modern Pitch

Has been COA / restored

Pads are not new (they seal well, and do not need replacing)

New head cork, adjusted, grease can, restored non original vintage case

This flute plays with a big bold sound. It is not finicky; you can let it sit, come back pick it up and the pads will seal - it is not a fussy flute/

Not bulky; the crutch has been removed, flute is not too big nor too thick. Not a thin wall either

Head joint is lined; pushing air through this flute and creating a fast response and big bold German tone.

This flute will last many lifetimes, and is a solid instrument and solid investment.

Made in Berlin, GE by the famous Emil Rittershausen; imported by Carl Fischer NYC pre 1945. Much written in the New Langwell Index regarding Rittershausen and his flutes. This is a flute to be collected, respected and most of all, played.

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Emil Rittershausen Flute $2199