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Lovely vintage Rittershausen flute
This is a pre – 1945, wooden flute. Flawlessly overhauled, it puts out a lovey woody yet responsive voice with full volume and wonderful projection.

The Emil Rittershausen flutes are well known, imported into the USA Pre - 1945. This flute has the original case, grease tin, and plays beautifully from A 440 Hz to A 452 Hz.

The hallmarks and emblems are very clear and match on all 3 pieces.

Of all the Rittershausen flutes we have held in our hands over the past 10 years (5-7), this is by far the best playing flute. It is one of the best playing wooden flutes, including those sold new.

It features a sleaved head joint (lined), closed holes, offest G, C foot joint, added trill key and original case.

About Rittershausen Wooden Flutes
Rittershausen was a very famous flute-maker, apprenticed with Boehm. Current flute-makers refer with pride to their founders training under Rittershausen, such as Mollenhauer, Hammig, and Gemeinhardt. Rittershausen flutes are on display in museums, such as the German National Museum and the National Music museum.

To be played, and collected.

The exterior and originality of this flute is wonderful.

This flute has had a full restoration. It came to us without cracks, defects, and a perfect embouchure.

We have shown photos of the flute prior to restoration. View the last set of photos in this gallery.

Pitch / Response
Plays at A = 440 hz to A 452 Hz. Easy to adjust by pulling out head joint, plenty of woody tone and fast response.

Crutch and Attachment
We heve removed the crutch for comfort. Few players want the crutch these days, and this flute is not bulky nor heavy in the hands.

We have priced this as an excellent quality fantastic playing wooden flute. This is a steal. It will allow a flutist to play in modern pitch A 440, A 442 or even higher up to A 452 Hz. It plays exceptionally well, and will hold resale value.

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