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Emil Rittershausen Grenadilla Wooden Flute - Ready for a player

E. Rittershausen Grenadilla Wooden Flute

This is a lovely Rittershausen Pre 1945 grenadilla wooden flute. It plays beautifully with a woody full tone with ample volume and projection.

The lined head joint enables faster articulation.

This flute was completely overhauled from top to bottom. Fully disassembled, oiled, all new pads and corks, keys polished, fine tuned, etc.

It was in fantastic shape when we received it.

We have had many Rittershausen flutes in our hands over the years. The one simply out plays the rest.

Technical Features:
Grenadilla Wooden Flute
Lined head joint
French Pointed Key Arms
Closed holes
Offset G
C foot joint
Added Trill Key
Lined at tenons
Original case
Original grease tin (not shown)
Pitch A 440 - A 452 Hertz

Comes in original case, with original grease tin and crutch. Note, we removed the crutch and assembly for comfort of playing. Our customers no longer wish to use the crutch for stability.
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