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Rudall Carte Wooden Flute Circa 1902

The venerable firm of Rudall, Carte & Co. began as Rudall & Rose (1821–1852), became Rudall Rose Carte & Co. (1852–1871), and operated as Rudall, Carte & Co. past 1950. They offered a wide variety of flutes from the beginning, and were instrumental in manufacturing and promoting the Boehm flute and other cylindrical flutes in England.

S/N 3416

Fully Restored Condition

Concert Pitch

Boehm System Closed G# (what we now play)

Unlined head joint

Sharp Oval Embouchure Hole

Original Case

Non Original Cleaning Rod

This flute has been restored by a wooden instrument restoration expert. It was fully disassembled, soaked in organic non nut oil until it would soak up no more oil, the keys and mechanisms were polished, the flute received all new pads and corks. Fine finishing touches were placed on this flute the instrument was re assembled, finessed, adjusted, and it is ready to play.

It has NO CRACKS. You will see pins running down the underside of the head joint showing that long ago this head joint did crack, and was pinned and repaired.

THIS IS A FLUTE TO BE PLAYED as well as collected. It is a very fine instrument.

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