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Rare Rudall Carte wooden marching band flute in B flat

This is a very rare wooden B flat wooden marching flute (piccolo) with thinner wall. It is in the key of A flat however, is noted as a "marching B flat" flute in Europe.

It was made in 1926, for use in marching bands. It comes in a lovely case (non original).

This flute is made of cocus wood with nickel silver keys and mechanisms. It has a lip plate, and is a smaller size higher in pitch (between that of a flute and piccolo).

This flute features the Carte fingering system similar to the Boehm but not exactly the same - this style system is very rare, and a thin wall head joint with lip plate for a more accurate and easy attack. It has a closed G sharp key, as do the modern boehm flutes.

You may read more about thinned flutes and the purpose at:

You may view the Rudall Carte flute catalog of 1922 at:

Beautiful overall condition (physically) and very playable. Pads are not new however, the notes come right on out. The Carte design of the tone holes (very deep, with sharp edge), is one of the best I have encountered and surpasses the craftsmanship on just about every modern wooden flute I have seen. This design helps the pads to seal, which is always a difficult issue on wooden flutes

An excellent collectors flute, very rare

I have never met a Carte flute that I did not like.

No cracks, mechanisms move freely, playable, and enjoyable.

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