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Early Rudall Carte Wood Flute

Modern Boehm Fingering System Closed G Sharp

This is an early Carte flute circa 1887

It was overhauled yet will require work to play. It comes as shown, with original case, crutch, grease tin, and all original pieces (head joint body C foot).

The venerable firm of Rudall, Carte & Co. began as Rudall & Rose (1821–1852), became Rudall Rose Carte & Co. (1852–1871), and operated as Rudall, Carte & Co. past 1950. They offered a wide variety of flutes from the beginning, and were instrumental in manufacturing and promoting the Boehm flute and other cylindrical flutes in England.

Rudall Carte characteristic Art Deco Style French Key Arms in nickel silver

Closed G sharp or what most Boehm flutes now feature

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