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Circa 1900

Flawlessly overhauled / restored

This is a high grade Rudall Carte, higher in grade than the other high grade Rudall Carte wooden flutes we sell.

This flute has sterling keys and mechanisms, and is so fine. It is pitched at A 440 hz (current pitch for wooden flutes).

Similar yet better nicer better made than the William S. Haynes wooden flutes pre 1930 (which have similar key work but are low pitch, A 435 and never can play at A 440 hz), this flute plays beautifully with excellent intonation

All original, with original Rudall Carte case. Lovely in design, with original sterling case plate, hinges, green velour interior and Rudall Carte Logo Sticker

Modern boehm keywork (what we now play), with closed G sharp. A very "modern" flute for this time period, estimated date of make 1880 - 1900.

This is may be the nicest Rudall Carte wooden flute you will ever find; our restoration technician has worked on many and truely believes this flute to be superior to all other Cartes. Then again, we have yet to ever find a Carte that we did not like - they are such fine instruments.

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