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Rudall Carte #2326 in case restored

Restored circa 1880 Rudall Carte in Rudall Carte Case

With cleaning wand

This flute plays beautifully, with almost a tingle, from low to high. The embouchure hole is nice and sharp; the French Oval. This flute has a lined head joint.

Flute and case have been restored by restoration expert J.S.

There were no cracks in the wood of this lovely Rudall Flute. It features our modern Boehm fingering system with closed G sharp, or what we now play.

This was not typical for this time period as Rudall was presenting many other fingering systems, and most flutists still played on their simple system or 19th Century Baroque flutes.

Rudall Carte & Co. received licence to make this design from Boehm & Mendler, the inventors of this key system design flute
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