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Lovely sterling silver handmade flute from the highly esteemed British firm of Rudall Carte & Co., dating from the late 1930s (SN 7999).

Vintage silver flutes from Rudall Carte are few and far between, especially those with modern pitch.

This flute is, as was stated to me by its former owner “a fair representative (original, unaltered and restored with the original case) of the RC handmade silver flutes made with the usual charm, improvisation and individual touches of the Rudall Carte craftsman who made her.” Sounding length is 603mm, which yields a comfortable a=440 pitch.

This flute is a joy to play with a sweet, almost creamy voice, quick response, and a very nice, quiet action. The typical British oval, somewhat resistant embouchure requires a rather precise placement of the airstream but yields a beautiful, full tone.

Comes with its original case along with the cleaning rod (with hidden screwdriver), and wood, hand-turned grease pot. This is truly a great professional instrument in the great tradition of Rudall Carte.