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Professional Sankyo CF 201 Flute

This is a lovely pre owned Sankyo Prof. Grade Flute, with sterling silver head joint, French Pointed key arms, open holes, offset G, NEL or E facilitator, B foot joint, Case

It is in excellent pre owned condition and sounds wonderful low to high.

There are a few small (not deep) scratches on B foot shown in photos, almost no cosmetic issues whatsoever

Mechanically this flute is flawless with fluid fast quiet key action, all parts straight and all 3 pieces fitting together as they should

The French Case shows some wear (the previous owner had stickers on the outside) that has caused some wear to the exterior of the case. The interior is fully functional, and the flute comes with the original leather case, polishing cloth and cleaning rod.

Sankyo makes very durable, high quality instruments. The do not wear out, are easy to service, hardy on the road, wonderful tone and fantastic intonation.

This would make a find flute for a adult amateur, advancing talented student, Conservatory Student, Jazz Musician or Pro looking for a reliable back up or smaller pit orchestra flute.

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