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This Wm. S. Haynes solid silver, commercial model flute, crafted in Boston in 1927, is wonderful playing condition.
Serial Number 957X

This is a lighter wall flute (not a heavy model) and produces a very silky smooth Haynes tone. It is a joy to play, with a gorgeous voice at A 440 hz, plenty of volume, nice projection, and comfortable in the hands.

Most of the Commerical Haynes you will find from this era are very heavy wall flutes, cumbersome to play and often have a grommet attachment.

While a vintage flute, this flute has been well taken care of and is in overall excellent + condition, and plays exceptionally well given its age.

It was recently serviced and partially overhauled, and plays from low to high with clear notes. They keys are nice, fluid, softer and even.

You will be hard pressed to find a vintage Haynes at this price, in this wall thickness and in this condition.

The case, while not original, is in new condition as is the Haynes leather case cover.

If you look very very closely, you may see a few hair line scratches (very few) and a very small dent not through metal that will not pick up on my camera