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Stunning Wooden Flute - circa late 1800's

Auguste Bonneville
Auguste Bonneville was a 19th century Parisian silver-smith who subcontracted for V. H. Godfroy, and Louis Lot. In 1876 he set up his own workshop, making fine professional quality flutes for many years. His flutes were, and are, especially admired for their superior workmanship, lovely, characterful sound, and somewhat larger embouchures, which allow a bigger, more projected sound than the earlier flutes by Lot and Godfroy.

This flute appears to be a "time capsule", and came to us in this condition, as if it sat in someones closet for decades much dust in bewteen the keys and mechanisms otherwise in flawless conditon (less pads / corks).

A antique flute in better condition than we find some flutes that are only a few years old...

Photos shown prior to overhaul so you can see the condition of this flute. Glorious !

No cracks, no defects, all keywork moves correctly and is in alignment, tone holes are flawelss, proud, finely cut, case is original and fantastic condition sans key

Every piece properly stamped and marked. The keywork is hallmarked with the French marking for silver

The keywork and craftsmanship is nothing less than outstanding. Appears as a form of art, yet fully functional and intended for making music.

Play and enjoy for almost every level of playing. Intended as a Prof. flute yet not a seriously difficult flute for playing purposes given that it is a conical bore design.

Cylindrical Bore head joint
Conical Bore flute body and C foot
Open holes
Inline G
Solid Sterling or Solid Silver Ribbing
Solid Sterling or Solid Silver Rings
Solid Sterling or Solid Silver French Pointed Key Arms
Original Bonneville Case
No Key

The Conical Bore flutes play beautifully, and softly. The cylindrical head joint with this flute allows the flutist to adjust for intonation (head cork).

This design is so lovely, light in the hands, easy to play, producing a woody clear voice that plays softer as a flute should play.

This flutes mechanisms are mounted to ribbing on the wood, not drilled into the wood thus higher quality design and more costly and time consuming to make.

The tone holes are hand carved, very proud, thus to ensure a perfect seal

This flute is in need of a total overhaul. There is much dust between the keys and mechanisms, thus it has sat in a closet and appears to be a "time capsule".

In near flawless condition mechanically, with wood in near flawless condition, all tenons perfect, mechanics perfect and in alignment, ribbing mountings firm in wood (no glue, no movement, no rock n roll, no lateral movement), a 3 pieces properly marked, French marking for silver on ribbing, case is lovely sans key.

Fantastic addition to any collection yet a flute that should be enjoyed and played.

Our wood restoration expert is bringing this back to life.

It will be ready for sale within a month or two

Please call for more information

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French Key Arms
Bonneville Flute Solid Silver keys $9999