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George Cloos (1862)

Wooden FIFE in B flat
Most likely used in Civil War in Drum and Fife Corp

1 key
16 inches in length
6 holes

Emblem GC engraved into wood.

AMERICAN MADE FIFE in the key of B flat
This is an outstanding example of a wooden instrument made by a famous US Flute maker, George Cloos, Brooklyn, NY, beautifully hallmarked and in fantastic condition.

George Cloos is a famous US maker, who came to the USA from Germany in 1862. Many of his flutes are simple system mutli keyed fluets however, this is a nice very simple one-key fife in the key of B flat.

This style woodwind flute would have been used in a drum and fife Corps, and given the time period it most likely was used in the Cival War (1860's).

It is a fantastic instrument, without cracks or defects.
It has a strong bright tone and speaks easily in the high register.

The one-key instruments were not designed for complex music but rather marching band / Fife and Drum Corps, simple style music that we have heard enjoyed and understand as a part of US history.

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Circa 1860 George Cloos Bb Fife