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Conical Bore French L. Lot Style Flute $2499



This is a wonderful example of French flute craftsmanship. It is a fine collectable, as well as a playable enjoyable flute.

A grenadilla wooden flute, conical bore with nickel silver keys, Boehm system with closed G#. This gorgeous flute features keywork dated to the romantic quality and period of the earlier simple system flutes.

The quality and key configuration bring it into the Louis Lot tradition.

1). The A, G, F, E and D keys are identical to the open ring keys of the clarinet while the rest of the key work is traditional French pointed arm key-cups. The thumb configuration is truly modern but delicately crafted to conform to the sweep of the flute body.

2). The sounding length is 586 mm which puts it in the A=440 range.

3). The embouchure is original and in pristine condition.

This flute has undergone a complete overhauled

Fine Details
Fully disassembled

All new natural cork tenon wrappings as well as all new cork bumpers and crown stopper.

The body wood has been thoroughly cleaned and re-oiled

The nickel silver parts (including the posts) were ultrasonically rid of grease, grime and tarnish. The crown mechanism is fully functional.

The pads are white kid leather* with a felt underpinning and have been installed using the historically correct and time proven “melted shellac” method.

The case is original and fully functional (I repaired the torn hinge material and installed new brass hasps as well as two small brass hinges to guarantee the security of the lids closure).

This is both a fine collectible as well as playable flute.

*Expensive, maintain seal, do not dry out

Name / Stamp
This is a very old, unique and well made flute. We could not find a makers name however the quality is outstanding. It may have been stamped at one time and sanded or worn off.

Flute Overhaul & Photos by Jerry Schurr
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