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Yamaha 561H

This is a lovely Yamaha Sterling Silver Flute model 561H. This flute is similar to today’s model 674H. I believe it to be a better flute than the current model (674H).

The 674H just does not compare. This flute has more internal resistance, and requires more wind to sing. It has a rich, deep voice, clear at all (4) octaves.


The key action is fast, even and quiet. The keys are tight, with no side to side “shift”. The spring action is nice, fast and soft.

It is very clean flute that has been well maintained. Our professional flute technician will go through this flute and make all adjustments, replace the head cork, etc prior to shipping.

This flute has been upgraded with a brand new CF Prof. head joint. It moves fast, just as fast as the EC yet provides a much fuller richer tone. It works well with all styles of music, jazz, latin, and classical and is not overly resistant.

Technical Features
Sterling Silver BRAND NEW CF Prof. Head joint
Sterling Silver (Body and B foot joint)
French or open hole
Offset G
French Pointed key arms
12kt gold springs
c-gizmo key
Yamaha French case & Outer Bag
A = 442 Hertz modern scale
Japanese Mid Wall (.015)

Made In Japan (Japanese Plant)

Accessories offered:
Plugs +$10.00
Rod +$10.00

Who should play this flute
This flute feels much more substantial, and is "more flute" than the 674H. It does need ample wind and spin to make it sing.

This flute would be perfect for the adult or advancing student that has enough wind, and wind control.

A Jazz professional, Conservatory Student, Adult amature player, advanced student.

I would not recommend this flute for a new(er) player, due to the weight and wind requirements (they just won’t enjoy this flute).

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The following terms apply to instruments sold directly from our Winds101.com store.

We accept all major credit and debit cards directly via phone (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We also accept Papal.

We will accept US and Canadian Bank checks.

For international customers, we accept direct bank wire transfers.

Shipping Handling and Insurance
We prefer the US Postal Service and UPS.

For wooden instruments, we must use Express Mail.

Acceptance Period
We provide our customers with a 3-day in home acceptance period following receipt of instrument. During this time, the customer may take the instrument to a teacher, or trusted individual for examination.

Our flutes are prepared for sale by our technician prior to shipment. On occasion, due to climate changes, a pad may shift creating a small leak. If this happens, please call us for discussion.

Please contact us for further discussion


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