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William S. Haynes Flute
Circa 1932, Boston, MA USA
Custom Ordered Loaded With Extras
Soldered Tone Hole flute with Y-Arms

Overhauled. Plays with a very sweet tone from low to high.

This is a professional solid sterling silver (including keys & mechs) Commercial Haynes Flute. It is all original, with lovely clear engravings and hallmarks. It features soldered tone holes, and many extras.

This was a custom ordered flute from William S. Haynes, unlike any you will find. It features solid sterling silver construction, closed holes, soldered tone holes, Y-Arms, C foot, gold springs, Split E mechanism, D# roller key, C# trill key, F# facilitator key as well as the typical B shaker and other standard keys.

This is a flute for playing, enjoying, and collecting. I have yet to ever encouter a Commercial Haynes such as this, and it has been verified as authentic by several collectors and technicians.

The Haynes flutes are loved by Classical flutists, adult amateurs, and especially Saxophone players. Tenor Saxophone extraordinaire, who recently purchased our 9kt Yamaha flute, had his beloved Haynes Commerical flute with him, and was not about to sell it.

This flute will delight its next owner, a classical player, adult amateur or saxophone player.

Solid sterling (925) including keys and mechanisms
Soldered Tone Holes (HANDMADE FLUTE)
Closed Holes
Offset G
12kt gold springs
C foot joint
Split E Mechanism
C sharp trill key
D# roller key
F# facilitator key
Original Haynes Case
A=440 hz
Made in Boston, MA USA
Circa 1932

CUSTOM ORDERED Soldered Tone Hole Flute

The choice of many players. This is a classic flute, and will never go out of style. Great for advancing to advanced flutists, jazz professionals, conservatory flutists and prof. flutists.
This is a road warrior. It will never wear out, maintains its adjustment, and remains sweet with a gorgeous full rich tone with plenty of volume and projection.

This specific Commercial Haynes is so unique, custom ordered from the William S. Haynes Company, loaded with extras - you can expect to play this for a very long time, enjoy, and resell in the future for about or more than what you pay today.

Haynes flutes continue to appreciate in the market, year after year and never wear out.

Overall Excellent condition. No dents, major dings, evidence of prior repair. The tubes are straight, keys in alignment. New(er) pads and corks that seal well.

Flute plays very well. Could be made to play better with some minor tech work, which we will do prior to shipping.

We have not priced with an overhaul, as we do not believe it needs an overhaul for playing purposes.

Many of our customers that purchase ou vintage Commercial Haynes want a specific type of pads (Straubinger, Lucien Deluxe, JS digital gold or black, double yellow skin), and or have their own technician that they prefer do the work.

If you wish, you can order an overhaul (pads) we can do work and will bill you separately. Our technician is a certified Straubinger pad technician should you wish Straubinger pads.

Please contact us with questions

Rare HANDMADE William S. Haynes Flute1932 Haynes Custom Order Flute