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In the Bay Village district of Boston, with its narrow streets, colonial architecture, glittering gas lanterns, and red brick sidewalks, one building has a small sign in front reading: Wm.S.Haynes Co. This is the home of the world’s foremost maker of artist flutes, and has been for generations.

Master Silversmith William Haynes, the son of a sea captain and a school teacher, opened his flutemaking shop here in 1888, founding the legendary company that still makes flutes for the world’s most prominent soloists, orchestral musicians, chamber musicians, and jazz artists, as well as aspiring students. William Haynes was succeeded in the business by master flutemaker Lewis J. Deveau, who in turn passed the business down to John C. Fuggetta. Now, more than a century after William Haynes set up shop, his company, under the guidance of flutemaker David Chu, still crafts flutes and piccolos that reflect his passion for excellence.

When you play a Haynes flute, you join the ranks of some very distinguished world-class flutists, and follow in the footsteps of such great players as the legendary George Barrere and Jean-Pierre Rampal.

Haynes 1950s Commercial $1499

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Haynes 1950s Commercial $1499

Haynes Classic 4 STH Flute Mint $sold

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