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Haynes Commercial Flute (1940's)

S/N 162XX

This is a wonderful Commerical Solid Sterling Silver Haynes with gold springs, closed holes, offset G, C foot and original Haynes 1940's style and color case.

It has been overhauled, and plays quite well albeit not as flawlessly as some of our other Haynes priced at a much higher price.

The notes move lovely low to high. It is not a slug nor a light weight flute. The head joint feels thin in wall the body mid in wall thickness.

Pitched at A 440 Hz, these Haynes have the smoothest clear lovely tone from low to high. No bright, light or airy tone.

Some are bulky; this one is not.

These Commercial Haynes continue to appreciate in the market. At the time this flute was sold it most likely was priced around $200 - $300.

They are loved by flutists and sax players, adult amatuers and other musicians

You simply cannot go wrong with the right commercial haynes in your hands.

This flute has not been machine polished. Often those that are shiney, without any sign of scratches throughout the years have been machine buffed - no reason to take silver off of your flute as it harms the tone. A flute with a few scrathces perhaps even a small ding or two is a good vintage flute.

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