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Stunning 1971 Haynes handmade Flute

This is a true handmade flute, solid sterling silver, soldered tone holes, gold springs, french key arms, closed holes, offset G, C foot with original case

It was just overhauled by an excellent certified technician, and then played for about a year followed by servicing and additional fine tuning by our Flute maker. It sounds gorgeous low to high.

Lucien Deluxe pads and all new corks and felts, and a light hand (no machine) polishing.

No dents or scratches, except for a tiny mark on the lip plate, as you can see in the close-up photo.

Case is original and it comes with an original outer bag

Has that glorious golden age classic tone of the Haynes flute. Reminds me of J.P. Rampal yet also has a soulful voice or naughty side.

The handmade, 1971, aged silver and soldered tone holes provide a huge tonal array for the musician.

Easy on the body, neck and hands.

Wonderful highs, bright and colorful

A flute forever; one that you will never find boring.

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