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Wm. S. Haynes Prof. Flute

Circa 1950's Sterling Silver Wm. S. Haynes Commercial Flute

Gorgeous tone low to high

This is a circa 1950's Commercial Wm. S. Haynes flute with no dents or dings that has just been cleaned oiled and adjusted by a certified flute technician. It sounds gorgeous low to high and has an Armstrong sterling silver head joint.

The head joint is not original Haynes head joint but does make the flute sing. It is a tad loose and can be tightened up by using a bit of tape on the side of the head joint. The case is also not an original Haynes case.

This flute also has had some of its logo and serial number missing perhaps by buffing at some point in its life. Although there is information missing we have handled enough Commercial Haynes flutes to date this flute the the 1950's and know it is an authentic Wm. S. Haynes flute.

The barrel reads
The Haynes Flute
Wm. S. Es Co
Bo ss.
Re rk